Thursday, December 24, 2020

Resource Page for Christian Online Discourse in a Hyper-Politicized Age

Here is a list of recommended books, podcasts, and web articles concerning the relationship between Christians, worldly political systems, and the way our witness is impacted by the manner in which we interact with others, whether online or face-to-face. 


How Would Jesus Vote? by Darrell S. Bock

The Liturgy of Politics by Kaitlyn Schiess

Scandalous Witness: A Little Political Manifesto for Christians by Lee C. Camp

Winsome Conviction: Disagreeing Without Dividing the Church by Tim Muehlhoff and Richard Langer

Unholy Allegiances: Heeding Revelation's Warning by David A. de Silva

Here Are Your Gods: Faithful Discipleship in Idolatrous Times by Christopher J. H. Wright

Podcasts and Videos

Panel Discussion "What is Civility and How Do We Practice It?"

Winsome Conviction podcast from Biola University

Four False Political Gospels interview with Kaitlyn Schiess

Church Politics Podcast from the AND Campaign

Unbinding the Bible Ep. 105: Revelation--Jesus' Government


"The message of Revelation has some obvious political implications. The primary objects of Revelation’s prophetic critique are imperial idolatry (civil religion) and injustice (in the form of military, economic, political and religious oppression) which is manifested in the Roman Empire." -- Revelation 12-19 & Political Idolatry: John's Warning to the Church

"Perhaps political religion isn’t that new after all. The worship of power has been with us since the garden and has remained just as destructive." -- Politics is Becoming Our New Religion. God Help Us. 

"The single most important mission you have as a believer is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the world, so they might find eternal life. It is the great commission. It is what matters. Sharing wild conspiracy theories makes you the boy that cried wolf, and people won’t believe you when it really matters."-- Christians and Conspiracy Theories

We live in “all or nothing,” “us or them” times. You’re either all with us—toeing the party line on every front—or you’re with them. You’re either trustworthy because you agree with us on everything, or you’re totally untrustworthy and a dangerous threat—even if simply because you dissent from us 5 percent of the time. -- We Need Prophets, Not Partisans

The longer we live in fear of what we might lose if things don’t go our way, the more militantly we fight for things we should have already surrendered to Christ.  Finding Our Way Back by Dr. Jerry Ireland

"As those who claim allegiance to the One who declared, I am the way and the truth and the life, we must not tolerate, originate, post, or propagate falsehoods, half-truths, conspiracy theories, baseless speculations, and any other unfounded beliefs, no matter how well-intentioned or sincerely held.

Narcissism and power create the politics of nihilism. The people of God, however, are called to live for something bigger than ourselves and to set aside our own needs and wants for the sake of others.

We believe that all humans are created as the image of God and in His likeness. That unyielding truth is the foundation of human dignity. The dehumanization, vilification, and demonization of others denies that foundational truth and lies at the root of the most heinous evils our world has ever seen. Slandering, name-calling, mocking, belittling, and threatening others verbally, even when couched in humor or cloaked in innuendo, are insidious forms of dehumanization, vilification, and demonization."
--  From the leadership of Denver Theological Seminary

"Over and over again, the Bible bans slander and bearing false witness. Then you have the second greatest commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39). We’ve all been called names. We’ve all had our words twisted into the most damning interpretations possible. We’ve all been branded with labels that distort who we really are. No one enjoys such treatment.

We must stop going along with the slanderous status quo and call such behavior what it is: the sin of failing to love our neighbors as ourselves."
The False Gospel of Assuming the Worst of Others by Thaddeus Williams

“The devil’s ultimate trick for Christianity … is embarrassing the church. And I feel it’s been successful.” -- Rep. Adam Kinzinger Betraying Your Church—And Your Party

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