Thursday, December 24, 2020

Resource Page for Christian Online Discourse in a Hyper-Politicized Age

Here is a list of recommended books, podcasts, and web articles concerning the relationship between Christians, worldly political systems, and the way our witness is impacted by the manner in which we interact with others, whether online or face-to-face. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

So Where Is That Prophecy In Scripture?

Let me clarify one thing from the outset: I believe in biblical prophecy, and I believe that every prophecy in Scripture that has not yet been fulfilled will come to pass under God's direction. I even believe in the present-day gift of prophecy, when God wants to give a specific word of warning or instruction to His people, to bring them back into alignment with what the Bible sets forth (note that the Old Testament prophets didn't spend most of their time predicting the future, but rather calling Israel to account for their breaches of the covenant God had established with them).

But I also want to make sure that when we talk about prophecy being fulfilled, we're talking about actual biblical prophecy, and not the vague, generalized prognostications of contemporary pretenders to the prophetic office, or the writings of popular end-times authors whose ideas are more the result of speculative attempts to connect the dots of Scripture than they are actual articulations of what the prophets of old wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Christians and Online Speech

Much has been written about how followers of Christ should conduct themselves in conversations with others, both in person and in social media online. The online campus pastor at my home church even did a message on “Ten Commandments of Social Media.”

Nevertheless, Christians continue to act and talk in ways online that they would probably be much less likely to practice if they were standing face to face with the objects of their commentary.