Saturday, December 31, 2022

2022 Reading Report

Below is a list of the books I read (or at least read a good part of as research for a seminar talk I gave) during 2022. The count of 19 is down a bit from 2021 (23 books), but I still managed to read more than a book a month.

 Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God's Heavenly Host by Michael S. Heiser

Beyond Racial Division: A Unifying Alternative to Colorblindness and Antiracism by George Yancey

Hostile Environment: Understanding and Responding to Anti-Christian Bias by George Yancey

Calvinism: A Biblical and Theological Critique edited by David L. Allen and Steve W. Lemke

The State of the Evangelical Mind edited by Todd C. Ream, Jerry Pattengale, and Christopher J. Devers

When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse by Chuck DeGroat

There were several books that could be grouped according to a category or theme, so I'm listing those here to help organize the list a little better.


Dos fases, una fase: Por qué «dejé atrás» el dispensacionalismo by Noel Navas

Why I Want to Be Left Behind: Exposing the Fiction in Today's End-Times Prophecy Teaching by Daniel Isgrigg

The End of History: Pentecostals and a Fresh Approach to the Apocalypse by Robert Menzies

Pneumatology and Pentecostal History

Pentecostals and Charismatics in Latin America and Latino Communities edited by Néstor Medina and Sammy Alfaro

Grassroots Pentecostalism in Brazil and the United States: Migrations, Missions, and Mobility by Paul Palma

Open to the Spirit: God in Us, God with Us, God Transforming Us by Scot McKnight

Church and Politics

The Church of Us vs. Them: Freedom from a Faith That Feeds on Making Enemies by David Fitch

Untrustworthy: The Knowledge Crisis Breaking Our Brains, Polluting Our Politics, and Corrupting Christian Community by Bonnie Kristian

Religious Freedom in a Secular Age: A Christian Case for Liberty, Equality, and Secular Government by Michael F. Bird

The Political Seduction of the Church: How Millions Of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel by Michael L. Brown

The Bible and the Ballot: Using Scripture in Political Decisions by Tremper Longman III

Political Gospel: Public Witness in a Politically Crazy World  by Patrick Schreiner

Truth Over Tribe: Pledging Allegiance to the Lamb, Not the Donkey or the Elephant by Patrick Miller and Keith Simon

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