Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Book Giveaway!

The Gospel Precisely by Matthew Bates

I believe in the message of this book so much, I'm giving away a copy. (Not a publisher promo -- I'm doing this on my own.)

To get your name in the drawing, simply comment on this post telling why it is important to you that we understand the gospel correctly.

To be eligible, comments must be posted by noon Central time on Monday, August 16.

I'll put every commenter's name in a drawing (one entry per person) and have the book sent directly to the winner from Amazon (U.S. mailing addresses only). I'll announce the winner here and reach out directly to him/her to get the address to send the book to.


  1. I believe it is important to understand the gospel because it is the litmus test to how you will live your life. It also demonstrates you actually know Jesus as He's revealed not presented or imagined.

  2. I think oversimplification of - and confusion about - the Gospel has made it harder for people to proclaim the Gospel in the first place, and also made it harder to do proclaim the Gospel well/accurately when they do.

    I started a podcast earlier this year to try and help people understand the Gospel in its fullness, with greater clarity. So this is something I care A LOT about!

    I've found Matthew Bates' work very helpful in this regard, and featured some of his work on the podcast. I look forward to having this book as an additional resource, whether through purchase or giveaway.

  3. Matthew Bates has given pastors a great tool to help their congregations understand what real discipleship is about: allegiance to King Jesus. I've seen people in my own congregation light up as they begin to understand that there's far more than "believing" involved. I'm sure this will bring even more clarity to what it means to truly follow the King!

  4. It’s important because, as Bill Hull says:
    1. The gospel you preach determines the disciple you make.
    2. You can’t make disciples from a non-discipleship gospel.

    1. Congratulations Carson!
      You won the drawing for the book!

      Please e-mail your shipping address to me at so I can have your book sent to you.

  5. It is important. Because knowing and accepting the true gospel is the power of God for salvation of everyone who believed. Apostle Paul also warned us that those who preach other gospels instead of the true apostolic gospel will be cursed. (Romans 1:16-17; Galatians 1:6-9)